WWI’s plans ahead for 2018

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After settling down in Mexico City in 2015 and opening our two first worldwide offices in 2016, our purpose for last year was to grow and strengthen our current networking, and definitely we did! Last year was for sure a fantastic opportunity of expansion and consolidating process of our portfolio of products and services as was meant to be after launching our offices in Barcelona (Spain) and Bangkok (Thailand). Along 2017, WWI team members moved countries to do their best effort with these new projects and put high our brand with the biggest aim of helping university students to find a great work and cultural experience abroad. And we also did changing a total of 479 lives and opening Switzerland and Philippines as part of our Affiliate program.


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Looking forward to opening our operations office in the United States this year.

Looking forward to launching our operations office in the USA.However, because we are really aware that these big challenges achieved so far are not enough, we are looking forward to continue growing through launching a new office in Chicago. And that’s not everything! Our goals for this year include also to increase our number of affiliate offices in South America, while the number of student lives we will be changing this 2018 is set in 850 all across Europe, Asia, Middle East and America.


 WWIs plans ahead for 2018

One of our interns heading to his destination country for his internship.

Yes, our goals are set high enough for this year and we all at WWI know we can achieve them without a doubt. New team members have recently joined the brand at our different offices while new projects have started to work on enaging our strong community of Alumni. We are totally convinced that, sooner than later, we will start realising those great achievements of our graduates that have already enhanced their resumes through the international experiences they could get through us.


Therefore, because we truly believe that our greatest asset is our community of current interns and Alumni, we will be working strongly in our customer service. We Care is our internal program through the one we want to assure about the service we are delivering to all of our clients. Doesn’t matter if we are talking about a new candidate, a current intern, a recent graduate, an industry partner, or even a team member. We Care about our people and offering them a great customer experience is our biggest aim for this 2018.

“Dream big, work hard, play harder”

wwi staff 00 WWIs plans ahead for 2018

Daniel Reyes, Founder and Director at Worldwide Internships


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