Tips On How To Choose Housing For Your Internship

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Finding your ideal home whilst enjoying an internship is one of the best ways of making the most out of your experience! And it’s easier than you think! We want to share with you some tips that are the result of years of experience in Beroomers, helping students and young professionals find their new home.
1. Research or ask about the country and the kinds of housing available there
When moving abroad you’ll find that the types of housing available may differ quite alot from the ones in your home country. That’s why it’s a must that you research a bit about how people (and interns) tend to live there. Do they share flats? Do they live alone in small apartments? And so on. Answering these questions we’ll make you able to plan in advance and to reduce cultural shock as well! You can talk about this with Worldwide Internships and of course the Beroomers team we’ll be also willing to help you out.
2. Decide if you want to live like a local or not
The type of housing you choose to live in will have a big impact on your experience. If you want to learn more about the culture, try to flatshare with local people. This will also help you learn the language faster and make friends for a lifetime. And the best part is that you will be able to visit them after your internship is over! On the contrary, if you believe that this experience is mostly a professional one, then choose your housing bearing other criteria in mind (such as facilities, rental rate, transportation nearby…)
3. Inform yourself about the different city areas (safety, atmosphere, transport…)
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Before moving to a new city it’s key to informing yourself about each neighborhood’s characteristics. Where are the safest areas? Would you rather live in a trendy or quiet neighborhood? Is living close to your new office important for you? How many minutes in public transportation are you willing to spend daily? Decide your preferences first, then read and ask about different areas in the city…and after that, you’ll be ready to choose!
4. Calculate your monthly budget and set your maximum rental price
How much can you spend every month taking all types of costs into account? Some typical expenses include telephone, the Internet, transportation, groceries, medical insurance, sports activities, shopping, going out, traveling…And housing, of course. If you calculate the maximum monthly budget you’re willing to pay before starting your search it will be much easier, as you will concentrate your efforts in those housing options feasible for you. General tip: if you look for your room or flat in advance it will be easier for you to find something that suits your needs, as there’ll be more options available!
5. Seek advice from experts
Both Worldwide Internships and Beroomers are more than happy to help you out during this process! Just ask and we’ll give you a helping hand 🙂

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