Rob Reek – China Testimonial

Rob Reek 225x300 Rob Reek   China Testimonial
  • From: Netherlands Rob Reek   China Testimonial Netherlands
  • Destination: China Rob Reek   China Testimonial  China
  • Position: Media, Communication & Journalism

My life as an intern

 “I wrote my thesis at a company in Chengdu that makes mobile apps and develops business strategies. A very cool, small and project-based company, that allowed me to do exactly what I always liked to do.Chengdu is a wonderful city that will put you on the edge of your seat for many reasons. If it’s not the buzzing traffic or crazy rush hour subway commuters, it must be the joy of screaming some oldies out loud in karaoke or trying to find your way around Tianfu Square. The local agency here brings you in touch with all other foreign interns, so you always have English-speaking friends with experience around you, but do not for one minute think you’ll get around without interacting with the Chinese to some extent.

Chengdu is less international based, even though there is a distinct foreign community. If you want to experience the more Chinese China, try this city.”