Paulo Cañete – USA Testimonial

  • From:  Mexico
  • Destination:  Chicago, USA
  • Company: The Publican
  • Position: Culinary

“My Internship was crazy, in a good way, almost all the restaurant’s staff were kind to me and everyone took the time to teach me something new every day. As for the accommodation, I stayed with a cousin, that has lived in the suburbs of Chicago for many years with her husband, the basement is used as a guest room and looks like an apartment of its own. We had fewer activities until mid-April, so from February to April I just went to work and stayed home because of the weather. When it got warmer on my days off I visited Chicago, I went out for a walk, I ate in lots of restaurants, strolled through almost all the museums, I just missed the Planetarium.  I went to see a CUBS match in which they won! But the activity that I liked the most was the celebration of the 4th of July with the restaurant staff, we had Softball and Grill, It was unbelievable. Overall it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had, I felt very good. The Chef offered me to stay as a job member with them, I made good friendships with everyone and I’m still in touch with them. The knowledge and skills that I had acquired have been positively reflected in my professional and personal career”.

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