Niels de Ruiter- Caribbean Testimonial

Niels12 284x300 Niels de Ruiter  Caribbean Testimonial
  • From: Netherlands Niels de Ruiter  Caribbean Testimonial Netherlands
  • Destination: Mexico Niels de Ruiter  Caribbean Testimonial Puerto Morelos, Mexico
  • Company: Hotel Marina El Cid
  • Position: International Sales

I’m working in international sales in El Cid Hotel and Resort, my first month I did front desk, this is my first week in international sales and is pretty good until now. In front desk it was nice to learn some more Spanish words and talking with guests but now international sales is more my area from my studies and that kind of things so is more related to my school. I still going to be here for like 2 months, because I’m doing a program, where each month I’m going to change department, first I did front desk, then now I’m doing International Sale, then I’m going to accounting.
Accommodation yeah, is not really that good, but is accommodation, you have a house, you have water, you have a bed to sleep, you have some chairs, but is like yeah, is not really that good, but is a house, is accommodation I think the hotel should improve the accommodation from the house and things like that. Worldwide Internships services, was really good, I was very late in finding an internship, and you guys wanted to help me for like 10 weeks before, so is really good.

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