Monserrat Soriano – Spain Testimonial

Professional Picture Monserrat Soriano Monserrat Soriano   Spain Testimonial
  • From: Mexico Monserrat Soriano   Spain Testimonial Mexico
  • Destination: Spain Monserrat Soriano   Spain Testimonial Barcelona, Spain
  • Company: Criteria
  • Position: Human Resources

My life as an intern

My name is Monse I am 21 years old. I’m studying at the Universidad Panamericana. I came to Barcelona to work at a Human Resources company called Criteria. This is a unique experience in my life. I can say it was something extraordinary. I learned a lot, and I got to know myself better I came as one person and I am leaving as a new person. I recommend that you come and experience it because it really is a life-changing experience I did not think so, but it happens! You become independent, because you come to a place that you have nobody but yourself and you have to cook, wash, clean your room, and so many things that only you can do because nobody will do them for you then you not only grow professionally but also in a personal way, and both will complement each other, so that you grow. I recommend you do something like this and live this experience, bye!