Melissa Soto – Spain Testimonial

Profile picture Melissa Soto Melissa Soto   Spain Testimonial
  • From: Mexico Melissa Soto   Spain Testimonial Mexico
  • Destination: Spain Melissa Soto   Spain Testimonial  Spain
  • Company: Grupo Manzano
  • Position: Food and Beverage

My life as an intern

My name is Melissa Soto and I am from UVM Mexicali. I’m currently working at the Grupo Manzano company. I am at Casa Marcial and sometimes I have had the chance to be at the catering. One of my greatest experience was when they gave me the chance to be in the dinner for the Spanish Royalty and we served them at the! Princesa de Asturias Awards!.

I really liked that we had the chance to meet Sandra Manzano, Nacho, Esther and Olga in a very family way. They usually organize team building activities, which I really found interesting. They supported me with accommodation, they used to give us tips and when they could, they gave us an extra compensation. They are really nice people.

What I would recommend you is to come with an open mind, willing to learn from the others. And to learn from the culture as it is different but very interesting. It is interesting too to work with colleagues from all around the world.

Something important is that I met a friend for the rest of my life. We already have plans for the next year. To be honest, I never thought I would meet somebody here. I was doubting who I was going hang out with. But I found her and we will be doing a trip together before going back home and is really nice!