Edmond Vlandis – Caribbean Testimonial

edt44 Edmond Vlandis   Caribbean Testimonial
  • From: Canada Edmond Vlandis   Caribbean Testimonial  Canada
  • Destination: Mexico Edmond Vlandis   Caribbean Testimonial  Mexico
  • Company: Maroma Bay Orient Express
  • Position: Human Resources

“This internship was a great experience. I contact Worldwide Internships to find an internship anywhere on the beach, since I’m from Canada, I was looking for some warm weather.

I am in my last year or business Administration and having a double major in Human Resources; so I was looking an internship in the Human Recourses field. Worldwide Internships find me an internship in 8 weeks in one of the finest resorts in Cancun, in one of the most beautiful beaches in there. I was in the HR office assisting training manager organizing trainings, hiring process, filling contracts, and any administrative task that I was asked. I was at that hotel for 3 month and my Spanish improve since the second week, by the time I finish my internship I can say that I was pretty fluent.

I´ll never forget those 3 months, I learned quite a lot from my internship and I had the time of my life.”

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