Gabriela Torres – Spain Testimonial

Foto Gaby 1 Gabriela Torres   Spain Testimonial
  • From: Mexico Gabriela Torres   Spain Testimonial Mexico
  • Destination: Spain Gabriela Torres   Spain Testimonial  Spain
  • Company: Gran Hotel & Spa Arrecife
  • Position: Events

My life as an intern

Hello! My name is Gabriela. I am 21 years old and I am doing my internship at the Gran Hotel & Spa in Lanzarote, in Arrecife. I’m currently working in the events department. To be honest, events is a difficult department to be accepted. But it’s completely worthy because you do dynamic activities and you are in direct contact with the customer. It is an awesome experience that makes yourself open to meet other people, much more if you are shy. I also have had the chance to work as PR and is a position that opens you a lot of opportunities and makes you learn from all the daily experiences you have.