Ailyn Castro- Spain Testimonial

Professional Picture Ailyn Castro Ailyn Castro  Spain Testimonial
  • From: Mexico Ailyn Castro  Spain Testimonial Mexico
  • Destination: Spain Ailyn Castro  Spain Testimonial Barcelona, Spain
  • Company: Marbet
  • Position: Events

My life as an intern

Hello, my name is Ailyn, I am from Mexico City. I am studying Industrial Engineering I arrived in Barcelona 6 weeks ago. I’m in a company that provides travel services and offers incentivized events and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. The Aylin that arrived 6 weeks ago and the Aylin that is leaving now is completely different if you want to learn a completely different culture, meet new people, know different places, try new food, you need to come. You have to come with an open mind. The best you can do is go to all the places that you are invited to, try all the food they offer, but not all the drinks, I do not recommend that. It’s the best you can do, dare to live a completely different summer!