Pre-arrival process with WWI

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Once you have your visa, it is time to prepare the rest of your trip. In Worldwide we recommend you some tips that make your life way easier in this stage.We always recommend you to arrive a couple of days before your starting date so you can get to know your neighborhood or your way to work and also to adjust yourself to the time difference, so you will be ready to start on your first day.

So many useful sites help you to book your flight according to of what you want. Sites like or are interesting tools; the first one allows you to track the price of your flight by sending you an alert every time the price changes and the second one shows you all the routes you can take to arrive at your destination.

Another important thing you need to know before your departure is some information about the culture and the way of living in your destination. This will help you to understand more once you are there and to avoid any misunderstandings. You have to do some research about local transportation, food, commodities, etc.sobrat chemodan v otpusk 370x245 300x199 Pre arrival process with WWI

We WWI know that packing is one of the hardest parts of traveling, we recommend you to keep it light! I know it sounds impossible but you would not use all the things you pack, so the less the better! There are some pack lists available on the internet that are helpful, so you can follow the one you think fits your needs. Also, some places required you to take some uniform or tools so may sure you know all these details before you pack so you would have enough room for them.

Safety is important for us, so keep a copy of your visa and passport in your email account in case you lose it, and take a picture of your luggage before flying so you would know how it looks like if it gets lost.

 Of course, there are so many things to do before you travel, but we hope these few tips help you to prepare your trip better! Here in Worldwide are so excited to solve your questions and help you through this stage before you have the time of your life!

Melissa Skype 295x300 Pre arrival process with WWI

Melissa Dessavre, Support coordinator in Worldwide Internships


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