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Spain: paid professional internship program.

Program overview:

Internship Spain Seminar working 8 490x327 Paid internship program Spain: Barcelona and Valencia internshipPeople from all over the world travel to Spain to explore its wonders and learn Spanish. Our internship program in takes place all over Spain but most of the vacancies we have are in Barcelona and Madrid. It is ideal if you want to get international work experience, substantially improve your Spanish skills and enjoy the uniqueness of the Spanish culture. We have built a really flexible program where you can structure it to your own needs and choose from Spanish courses, internship placement, housing, local support, airport pick-up and weekend. The main objective is to help you adapt to your new life in Spain and meet other people besides the ones at your office.

  • Cash compensation:

Most of the internships that are 4 to 12 months long are paid between 200 to 400 EUR/month. The compensation will depend on different factors such as industry, your profile, vacancy, company and length. However, if you are available for a minimum of 5 months we can guarantee you a paid position.

  • Visa for non-europeans:

If you are doing an internship for less than 3 months, most of the countries won´t have a problem applying for the visa. However, if you are planning to do an internship longer that 90 days, we will let you know all the details about the visa, just make sure your university is backing you up and will be able to sign you an agreement. This is one of the most important requirements for the visa, we will provide you with the format and other supporting documents.

  • Types of program:

We have two types of program and depending on your plans and availability is what we recommend you:

  1. Basic program: it is recommended if you are available for 5 months+ internship. If this is the case, we will provide you with the internship placement (which will be paid), visa assistance, housing search and support during your internship. You will be responsible for finfing your own housing (with our assistance) but as you are staying longer in Spain, you will be able to find a more affordable rent.
  2. All-inclusive program: this one is ideal if you are doing a short term internship between 2 to 4 months maximum. As it includes housing, you don´t need to look for it before arriving to Spain. As most of the apartments or room are available for 6 months or similar, it would be so difficult for you to find housing at an affordable price, that’s why we already include it in the program. In this case, most of the companies are not willing to pay to interns as it is really short term, therefore, please expect to get an unpaid internship in this case.
  • For non-Spanish speakers:

If you have really basic or no Spanish speaking skills at all, we still have a place for you. You can take 4, 8 or 12 weeks of Spanish courses before starting your internship. This will help you prepare to undertake a professional internship and be able to communicate not just in daily life, also in a business environment. The amount of weeks to be taken will depend on your skills and will be recommended by your internship coordinator during your first interview. This will help you plan your stay and the budget. For example, if you have all the grammar knowledge but no speaking practice, you may just need between 3 to 6 weeks to adapt and then get started for your internship.

  • For Spanish speakers:

If you can communicate and write in Spanish, you are ready to go!. We will start your internship placement process and arranging interviews between you and potential companies. You will still be able to join our Spanish school to meet other international students and sign up for our weekend activities. We normally have at least 1 activity every week.


Internship fields:

We will carefully choose the company who will host you for the next 2 to 6 months. Regardless the size or type of company, we will ensure you will have a practical on-hands work experience and that will be related to your field of choice. Most of the interviews will be in Spanish and English, so you need to be prepared. We will help you prepare for the interviews, but it is important that you also practice as it is a real internship placement process. Once you have been accepted by a company, we will send you an internship offer including all the internship details such as company, position, working hours, typical tasks and compensations (if any).

For European citizens, you can expect a compensation from the company from 0€ to 200€ per month if you are doing a 3+ months internship. Unfortunately if you are not from the European Union, all internships will be unpaid due to visa regulations.

Business & Finance internships:

IT & Engineering internships:

Past interns have secured positions at:

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Past interns’ experiences:

What’s included:

Spain includes 1024x553 Paid internship program Spain: Barcelona and Valencia internship

Program details:

Am I eligible?

Please apply just if you meet the following criteria:

  • Be enrolled at university or MBA program or have less than 12 months of being graduated.
  • Your major must be related to the position you are applying for.
  • Be between 18 to 27 years old.
  • Be fluent in English.
  • If you speak any European language is a plus.
  • Spanish language is not mandatory but it is always better if you have a basic level.
  • All nationalities are welcome. Keep in mind that some nationalities have problems while applying for visa, please contact us for further details.
  • Be open-minded, willing to learn new things and meet new people.

When should I apply?

    Deadline to apply: Starting date:
    January 31st May/April
    March 31st July/August
    May 31st September/October
    September 30th January/February
*Contact us if none of these dates match your availability.

All-inclusive Internship Program includes:

  • Guaranteed internship placement in your field of choice.
  • Accommodation in private room with internet and all services such as gas, water and electricity are included.
  • Airport pick-up.
  • Welcome package including SIM Card, Metro Card, Spanish phrasebook, maps and useful information.
  • City orientation.
  • Weekend & networking activities.
  • Full support during the entire internship.
  • Support and guidance for the visa process.
  • Academic assistance for university credits.
  • Career development and professional evaluation.

Spanish Language Program includes:

  • Spanish level test.
  • Spanish courses with 20 lessons per week.
  • Housing in a private room in a shared apartment with internet and all bills included.
  • Full support during your entire stay.
  • Materials for the first 2 weeks.
  • Valid language certificate from Spanish school.
  • Free internet and WIFI in the school..
  • 2 hours of tutoring per week (depends on teachers' weekly availability).
  • Optional sign up for cultural and weekend activities.

Basic Internship Placement includes:

  • Guaranteed professional internship placement.
  • Local support is not included.

What's not included in any program:

  • Daily living expenses.
  • Spanish language books and materials.
  • Flight to destination.
  • Insurance.
  • Others not specified.

Where am I going to live?

  • Private room in shared apartment.
  • All services included (water, gas, and electricity).
  • Well-located near main areas or public transportation.
  • Fully furnished
  • Linens and bedding..
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Wi-Fi High-speed internet.
  • Full support for any problem related to housing.

How can I join the program?

The process is really easy and it is divided in 3 simple steps:


  • Fill out the application form.
  • Choose the best time and date to have an interview with one of our internship agents.
  • The interview objective is to confirm your eligibility and explain in detail the program of your interest.
  • If you successfully complete it, you will receive your acceptance letter to enroll into the program.
  • Submit the necessary documents requested during the interview.
  • Choose your program and 3 positions you want apply for.
  • Pay the Enrollment Fee of 350 EUR.
  • Receive your welcome letter and start the placement process.
  • We will arrange interviews with potential companies offering positions that match your profile.
  • Once a company accepts you, we you will receive a draft internship offer including the position, company details, working hours and compensations included (if any).
  • Accept your internship offer and pay the program fee.
  • You are ready to start your visa process and prepare for a life-time experience.

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