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Professional internship in Berlin, Germany.

—– Program closed until further notice —–

Berlin Intern Germany 300x225 Paid internship in Berlin, Germany.

Germany has been one of the world’s most powerful and recognized economies. It is recognized by it’s unique business culture that continuously aims for accuracy, forward thinking and planning. The internship or “praktikum” culture is well developed as companies are used to hire local and foreign students to intern from 2 to 6 months.  Germany’s economy is very diversified as there are leading companies in different fields such as business, finance, IT and of course engineering.

If you are serious about getting work experience, this is a unique opportunity to get it. We will help you with all relevant aspects for preparing your internship in finding a suitable company, prepare for your visa,  city introduction, local support during your entire program, housing and networking activities.  As most of our programs, you can choose just to have a basic internship placement, which is just the connection between you and the company; or have an all-inclusive program with housing, welcome package, visa assistance and activities.

Summer internship 2016 dates:
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Internship highlights: 

  • Internship dates:
    • It is important you apply between 3 to 6 months before you starting date. If you are already in Europe, you may apply 2 months before your starting date. Our program starts every Monday of each month and it is available all-year round. The internship length can be between 2 to 6 months. However, because of visa restrictions, there are some nationalities who can do a maximum of 3 months. Please contact us for further details.
  • Visa:
    • Working holiday visa: this visa allows you to get an internship for up to 6 months. Nationalities who can apply for this visa are New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and Canada. This visa process takes around 3 to 4 months, so please consider it.
    • Members of the European Union: There is no need to process a visa, you can get a paid internship and there is no processing time. There is one exception for Croatian citizens. For further details you can click here. 
    • Schengen visa: This visa allows you to take an unpaid internship for up to three months. Most nationalities can obtain this type of visa under different circumstances. Most of the countries do not need to apply for a visa prior their arrival, and some need to apply. We encourage you to visit the local German embassy or consulate. There are some nationalities such as New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Israel, South Korea, USA and Canada that can extend it for another 3 months once in Germany.
    • For further information we encourage you to contact us or read the following link.
  • Language:
    • German language is not required to join our program. However, if you don´t speak any German, we encourage you to study or take a course before arriving or even consider taking some classes while being here. This will be your opportunity to practice it like nowhere else.

Internship fields:

 The internships can take place in all type of industries and companies such as start-ups, medium size or 500-fortune companies. All will depend on your choice and positions available at the moment. What you can expect guarantee is to be involved in an international environment and/or project. All the companies we work with have international presence, so that is the main reason why they hire foreign students.

BUSINESS & FINANCE INTERNSHIPS:Germany Internship Companies berlin 300x260 Paid internship in Berlin, Germany.



All-inclusive housing:

For your convinience, we have all types of studio apartments available. These are normally one or two bedrooms apartments with all amenities included. You just need to walk-in and enjoy your new home in Berlin. All services such as gas, electricity, internet and water are included in the program. We try to find apartments that are well-located near super markets and by walking distance to public transportation.

For more photos, please click here: 

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What’s included:

Germany internship includes 1024x542 Paid internship in Berlin, Germany.

Program details:

Am I eligible?

Please apply just if you meet the following criteria:

  • Be enrolled at university or MBA program or have less than 12 months of being graduated.
  • Your major must be related to the position you are applying for.
  • Be between 18 to 27 years old.
  • Be fluent in English.
  • If you speak any European language is a plus.
  • German language is not mandatory but it is always better if you have a basic level.
  • All nationalities are welcome. Keep in mind that some nationalities have problems while applying for visa, please contact us for further details.
  • Be open-minded, willing to learn new things and meet new people.

When should I apply?

    Deadline to apply: Starting date:
    January 31st May/April
    March 31st July/August
    May 31st September/October
    September 30th January/February
*Contact us if none of these dates match your availability.

How much will I invest?

Enrollment Fee: To be paid once you are ready to start. You will receive all details of how to pay it after being interviewed and receive your acceptance letter. Once paid, we will start the placement process.

  • 350 EUR
All-inclusive program fee: To be paid once you receive and accept an internship offer.
    Program fee: Internship length:
    2,650 8 weeks
    3,350 12 weeks
  • All fees are shown in Euros.
  • For longer internships, please get in touch with us.
  • There is a 350 EUR fully refundable house-deposit to be paid upon arrival.
Basic program fee: (Includes just the internship placement). To be paid once you receive and accept an internship offer.
  • 750 EUR for Basic Placement from 2 to 3 months.
All fees are shown in Euros.

All-inclusive Internship Program includes:

  • Guaranteed internship placement in your field of choice.
  • Accommodation in private room with internet and all services such as gas, water and electricity are included.
  • City orientation.
  • 24/7 energency landline.
  • Welcome package including SIM Card, Metro Card, maps and useful information.
  • City orientation and police registration at arrival.
  • Cultural activities.
  • Full support during the entire internship.
  • Support and guidance for the visa process.
  • Academic assistance for university credits.
  • Career development and professional evaluation.

Basic Internship Placement includes:

  • Guaranteed professional internship placement.
  • Hotel booking before arrival (hotel fees not included).
  • Local support is not included.

What's not included in any program:

  • Daily living expenses.
  • Flight to destination.
  • Insurance.
  • Others not specified.

How can I join the program?

The process is really easy and it is divided in 3 simple steps:


  • Fill out the application form.
  • Choose the best time and date to have an interview with one of our internship agents.
  • The interview objective is to confirm your eligibility and explain in detail the program of your interest.
  • If you successfully complete it, you will receive your acceptance letter to enroll into the program.
  • Submit the necessary documents requested during the interview.
  • Choose your program and 3 positions you want apply for.
  • Pay the Enrollment Fee of 350 EUR.
  • Receive your welcome letter and start the placement process.
  • We will arrange interviews with potential companies offering positions that match your profile.
  • Once a company accepts you, we you will receive a draft internship offer including the position, company details, working hours and compensations included (if any).
  • Accept your internship offer and pay the program fee.
  • You are ready to start your visa process and prepare for a life-time experience.

Book your interview now, vacancies are limited.

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