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  • Main offices located in Mexico City.
  • Baja California 274, 3rd floor, Hipódromo Condesa, Mexico City.
  • Legally registered as Wasti Desarrollo S.A. de C.V.


  • Legally registered as Worldwide Internships Thailand Ltd.
  • Company purchased in 2016 with over 300 partner hotels in Thailand and South East Asia.
  • 1 South Sathorn Rd, Floor 27th , Q House Lumpini, Bangkok.


  • Legally registered in Spain as Worldwide Internships Europe S.L.
    • Consell de Cent 484, 2nd floor, Barcelona, Spain.
  • UK, legally registered as Worldwide Internships Ltd.

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Our mission:

Create life-changing experiences abroad for university students and young graduates through professional internships.

Our motto:

Inspire students to go out of their comfort zone to boost their career globally.

Our plans for 2017:

"Our organization started its transformation at the end of 2015..."

Daniel Reyes

Daniel Reyes is a big dreamer who likes to inspire people to go further and achieve their goals. He was born in Mexico City and has lived in different countries such as Canada, US, Japan, China and now is based in Bangkok, Thailand. He is passionate about exercising, practices surfing, and used to be a semi-professional swimmer achieving the 3rd national place at the age of 13 on backstroke style.

He believes in balance, dreams about being able to travel to space at some point in life and wants to become a private pilot. He can be considered as a geek as he enjoys watching documentaries about science, nature, space, life and quantum mechanics. In the other hand, loves electronic music, salsa and music festivals that last for days.

At the age of 21 he started his first company that evolved into an online marketing agency and a year later started Worldwide Internships based on his past working experiences in Shanghai and Vancouver. He believes that people have a lot of potential inside them and by exposing them to different cultures they are able to open their eyes and become who they truly are.

“Dream big, work hard, play harder”

Ivonne Contreras

Ivonne Contreras is the Operations Manager at Worldwide Internships America. She started her hospitality career by studying a Bachelor of Business in International Hotel and Resort Management in Mexico and she got certified in Switzerland by GLION. Then she moved to Australia to study her second hospitality degree. After a couple of years working in different hotels in Australia, she decided to move to Mexico to pursue a bigger growth and challenge in her career. She is developing new projects to expand Worldwide Internships and establish both headquarters, in America and Asia.

Ivonne is a very passionate person in every aspect of her life, however her biggest passions are dancing and travelling. One of her best attributes is that she is always open to new experiences even if it means getting out of her comfort zone. Her biggest goal is to experience as many different cultures as possible, until now she has visited 17 countries and keeps adding up to the list.

“Travelling tends to magnify all human emotions” – Peter Hoeg

Luz Alcántara

Luz is the Operations Manager at Worldwide Internships Europe. She started her hospitality experience by founding a Cotton Candy company with her best friend in 2006. Then she studied a Bachelor's Degree in Hotel and Restaurants Management at Universidad de las Americas Puebla, Mexico. After a year she began her first international professional experience: she moved to Tarragona, Spain to do her Internship at Hotel Villa Retiro with 1 Michelin star. After this international opportunity, she began with her second life-goal: move to Mexico City to pursue a growth and challenge in her career, working at Worldwide Internships. Then Worldwide Internships gave her the best opportunity and challenge she could imagine: study her master's degree in Barcelona while developing new projects in Spain and Europe.

Luz is an unbelievably positive person, full of joy and happiness. She is always searching and improving new ideas to create better experiences for students and the team. One of her biggest dreams is to begin a journey over the world with her bicycle and her dog; inspiring people to travel, experience, live and be fearless. She has been traveling since 2006 and has visited more than 20 countries (2 with her bicycle, 1 with her dog).

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire” - Jennifer Lee

Alejandra Sánchez

Ale is Mexican, she is a really outgoing person who likes to try new things. She lived in Australia for 3 years where she had the opportunity to live in different cities, visit the nearby countries, to get in touch with a lot of nationalities, and start her professional career.

She loves to travel around so she has visited cities all around the world. Her life goals are to make this a better and happier world by helping others and to gain as much experience as she can by traveling and getting in touch with new cultures and people.

If not now, when ...

Daniela Álvarez

Daniela was born in Mexico City, and is the youngest of three siblings. She majored in International Hotel Management, where she had the opportunity to do her internship at Walt Disney World Resorts, in Florida. She considers that it was best experience of her life because she got to meet her second family and realized her true passion is customer service. It was a dream come true for her because she has always been obsessed with Disney. 

Daniela joined Worldwide Internships team almost a year ago as an International Recruiter. She is fascinated by what she does since she has the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. She recently traveled to Argentina (one of her favorite places) to recruit students and give informational sessions.  A curious fact about her? What she enjoys the most in the world is giving and receiving hugs, traveling, dancing, and indoor cycling! 

“ In order to change your life, you must change your thoughts”

Nigina Kadrivoa

Nigina is an International Recruiter and Partner Relations at Worldwide Internships. She was born and raised in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. She is a Bachelor in Marketing Management and Master in Business & Innovation.

She has started her career in a travel agency in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where she lived and studied for almost 4 years. Few months after her graduation from university she was proposed to become a regional representative of her university where her student recruitment professionalism started growing. Being a regional representative, she had an opportunity to travel every 2 months to CIS countries with the purpose of representing her university, by participating in various international education exhibitions and conducting numerous seminars for students about studying abroad.

Two years after she decides to undertake new challenges, learning Spanish while working as a regional representative, she finally moves to Barcelona, Spain. She does her internship as a Production Executive in a company that organizes international conferences for fortune 500 companies, which eventually levels up her professionalism as an event organizer and planner as well as an interviewer of high-level executives of fortune 500 companies in the world. Being production executive intern, she has never been losing contact with student recruitment activities as she always had millions of ideas of developing international programs for students but she could never find the right place to execute those ideas until she joined Worldwide Internships. Now, she is more than happy with how the things are developing in Worldwide Internships and super excited to be on this constantly developing track.

Her main passion is to motivate people to dream big and believe in themselves. And her life credo is “Life is a collection of mistakes, you will never grow until you make them”.

Melissa Dessavres

Melissa studied International Relations at Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Puebla, she loves art, books and to travel . She studied in Spain for a semester and love everything about getting to know different cultures and point of views.

She moved to Mexico city to start working in Worldwide Internships and start a new adventure. She is outgoing, friendly and likes to help other people. She loves sharing her funny stories about her trips and motivating students to go abroad!

“Adventure is worthwhile”

Cass Grimm

Cass was born in small-town USA (Tuscola, IL to be precise) and moved to Mexico City two years ago to pursue her dream of living and working abroad. She has always loved reading because it was a way to explore the world. Once she got her first taste of international travel in Jamaica when she was 13, she hasn’t looked back since.

Her life dream is to travel to every country in the world. She’d also love to be the owner of her own hostel (or hostels!) someday. So, for the last decade or so, she has tried to tick as many country boxes as possible, now having gone to 22 countries (plus 46/50 states in the USA and she’s up to 15/33 states visited in Mexico).

The thing she loves most about working at Worldwide Internships is the ability to be able to help students land their dream internship abroad, since that’s the experience she’s living now. She was drawn to the position since she was looking for something that was a mix of international, hospitality, and HR. She couldn’t believe it when she heard what the vacancy had to offer! Believe it or not, Cass had never considered working in Mexico before a work opportunity brought her year those 2 years ago. However, she is so glad she came.

“Babs había tomado tantos trenes en la vida, le gustaba viajar en tren si al final había algún amigo esperándola" - Julio Cortázar in Rayuela

Valentina Amador

Valentina Amador is a business development and Placement Coordinator at Worldwide Internships. She studied a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotels and Restaurants Management in Universidad de las Americas Puebla, Mexico. Throughout university, she always worked in different restaurants and summer camps. In her last semester, she did her internship in Saint Tropez, France for 6 months in a 5-star hotel. After she graduated, she started working in a hotel in Mexico. Now, she is developing the professional area in some countries, like Spain, Colombia, China, Malta…

Valentina is someone who has high expectations for her results, she is confident in her ability to produce, and while she prepares for the worst, she does the work necessary to lean the odds so that the best will happen. She loves to travel and learn about different cultures. She has been to 12 countries and waiting for more.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” Walt Disney

Isabelle Lau

Monserrat Galindo

Monse was born in Mexico City, but she had lived in three different places: Lo Cabos (Mexico), San Francisco & Monaco.

At her 17’s, she was a national selected by the US Embassy to study at the University of California, Berkeley, as part of a leadership course. She majored in International Hotel Management in Mexico. Then, she won a scholarship (Foundation Turquois) to study & work in a luxury palace in Monaco. She considers that those experiences have been the best experiences of her life because she made a new family and she had the opportunity to learn a new language.

She majored in International Hotel Administration in Mexico. After graduating, she worked for a while in a prestigious restaurant, which she describes as a fantastic school & the best restaurant in the world.

Monse loves the Mexican food, the French culture, the wine (especially sparkling) & the dogs. She practices yoga & meditation.

She hopes to speak 4 languages at her 25’s, so she is learning Italian.

“Be kind whenever posible. It’s always possible” Dalai Lama