An Internship Abroad Will Make You A PRO!

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Two years ago, I was doing my internship and talking with a Spanish friend about the future. Having recently graduated from university, we are all worried about the path ahead. After all of these years of studying for finals and working somewhere, I had no idea what the future had in store. It is often frightening to think about uncertainty, and where we will go in our lives.

Looking back, the world appeared to be wide open and I had no idea where I would end up in two years from that day. Writing this post, I am currently working in Worldwide Internships sending students abroad to have the same or a better experience than me.

Going abroad for your internship will accelerate your personal growth exponentially. Imagine being able to see a new culture and country, and simultaneously differentiate yourself from your peers. That is the beauty of an international internship: the opportunity that you have to see different perspectives and build your skill set creates the foundation for you to exemplify your adaptability and growth capacity to future employers. An internship is an audition while a career is a marathon. The difference between good and great is the ability to endure during times of adversity.

For example, when you go to intern in Spain, you will learn that to get things done, you need to push yourself. Interns are treated as employees who need to work hard and be as involved as possible. A Spanish boss will expect you to be open and honest with them. Do you have an idea that can improve the business? Tell your boss. Perhaps the office environment in your country is different, but in Spain, you are expected to give your ideas, challenge processes, question your colleagues, and learn from them. You may or may not get deadlines, so prepare yourself and organize yourself. Learn from the company, work with your team, but be independent. They will appreciate your effort.

International internships will give you a snapshot of where you are, and an idea of your trajectory in line with your personal values and experience. This is what makes an international internship valuable. When reality meets perception that is when growth occurs. Life is a lot like surfing, there are days when you can go oprofessional values 300x187 An Internship Abroad Will Make You A PRO!ut there and catch every wave, and you feel on top of the world and other times, it can feel like your world has been flipped upside down as you get smacked by a wave. You can learn a lot about life by watching a group of surfers during a rough day.

In short, Internationalism, when you break it down, really means being able to live and work with people of different nationalities and that starts by understanding each one individually.


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Valentina Amador, Placement coordinator in Worldwide Internships


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