The importance of health insurance for students in Spain

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We all enjoy long stays in Spain to experience the country in depth, which is why we are always looking for an excuse to be able to do it, whether for leisure, studies, professional internships, business, etc. For these and many other reasons, stays in Spain have been increasing in recent years.

Spain 300x300 The importance of health insurance for students in SpainAmong there are many things to keep in mind before starting your journey. You must include in your bucket-list, have an insurance in case you have any emergency abroad. It costs around 4,000€ to have medical attention out of your home country. And you won’t want to ruin this experience just because you weren’t prepared. Especially when you are in Spain, is everything related to healthcare.

It is not easy to choose health insurance, so it is best to take your time to choose the best insurance that fits for you.

You must consider the following things:

1. Primary care:  find an insurance without a limit of primary care or at least with a minimum of 30,000€ also consider an unlimited coverage for emergencies and home care.

2. Contact process: Make sure you know the process of contacting your insurance in case of emergency. It’s always better if you can see a doctor in person either than just have an online consultation.

3. Waiting periods: Make sure you can receive proper assistance as soon as you need it. Ask about how much time you must wait to see a doctor.

4. Aditional payments: Consider the part that there are some insurances that you must need to pay for the medical assistance and after you can proceed with the reimbursable process. It’s always better to find the one in which you do not need to pay anything extra.

5. Phone numbers: And last but not least, write down all the contact numbers in case you have an emergency or if you’re feeling sick.

We recommend the coverage of Sanitas International Students because is not the same an insurance for a short vacation than an insurance for longer stays.

Sanitas International Students is a health care insurance for foreign students in our country that covers all your needs during your stay in Spain. We have designed a comprehensive health insurance that meets all the requirements for the visa application needed for entry into our country.

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imgblog 300x191 The importance of health insurance for students in Spain

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