French stage visa application

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Dear Future candidates:

Please listen up for current and important information about the french visa application process!!

First off, remember that all documents handed in must be in French. Your visa application should be for the long stay visa (Aka Long Sejour).

Bring to the embassy the following documents:

  • 2 colored passport photos with light background.
  • Your passport in original and copy form (make sure it was issued within the last 10 years and will be valid 6 months after your return date).
  • Should you be a foreigner living in Mexico be sure to present you FM2 or FM3 form in original and copy form.
  • Your Convention de Stage signed by you, your school and the host company (this document you will send to us first so that we can send it to the French gov´t (aka DIRECCTE) and they will sign and stamp it; this can take up to 2 months to receive back from DIRECCTE (patience).
  • Proof of economic solvency of last 3 bank statements (approx of 1000 USD income per month) if it is not your own bank statement then a letter should be presented (this will be given to you by WWI) and last but not least.
  • A copy of a statement that indicates your housing covered by the host company or that you have somewhere to live upon arrival.

** Make sure all required documents are filled out carefully and correctly seeing that any missing information or slight error may lead to a high chance of visa rejection.**

 As filling out the visa application form, please make sure that all personal information is the same as your passport. If you have a European National Identity Number be sure to include as well (this is of course if you are a European citizen). If the country you currently reside in is different from the country of your nationality you must present a resident permit. Your current occupation shall be a student and the purpose of your travels are studies or internship. Fill out the company’s information where it indicates to include the name of employer. Duration will be filled out for 3-6 months. At the bottom please sign and put the date of your visa appointment J

So far so good, I hope! Next, you must Schedule your visa appointment. This you will do by logging on to the embassy’s website: (make sure you make the appointment at your hometown embassy). There you will choose date and time according to the availability of times shown. Fill out the information asked for, accept terms and conditions and print the confirmation note (make sure to bring confirmation with you on the day of the appointment !)

 Be on time (recommended 15 minutes before) and have in mind that the cost is 99 euros and must be paid in cash.

 The visa takes about 2 weeks and you will be notified by checking your online status by logging in with ID number given to you after your appointment (make sure to check your status frequently).

 Now you have concluded your visa application and appointment and all you need to do is to stay alerted for any updates regarding your visa resolution!

 Remember that you can always contact your Internship Coordinator for further assistance J Also, I recommend watching the Visa Video Guide help you step by step!

Bonne chance!

wwi staff 13 300x300 French stage visa application

Gabriella Dominguez – Internship Coordinator



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