How to deal with your internship process??

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As a recruiter, I have a lot of contact with all the candidates enrolling in our programs. This has taught me a lot about the concerns that the students have throughout their entire process.

Here are some helpful tips about each step of the process:

  • Have an interview in English: Don’t worry, we will not make fun of you!!! We have this interview so we can help you decide which destination best suits your needs. Sometimes candidates get extremely nervous (we can usually tell), but don’t worry and take it easy.
  • How long will it take to get an offer?? This depends on the destination: some are really fast and others take a little longer, so please do not panic – we have everything under control. At the time of your enrollment, we will let you know that it can take up to 12 weeks (for all of our destinations except the USA, which can take up to 16 weeks)…11 Essential English Phrases to learn for a job interview 300x206 How to deal with your internship process??
  • One of the biggest mistakes that candidates make is to switch to their alternative destination during week 5 or 6 because they feel they are not getting results. Remember: all the destinations are different, therefore the placement will be different, so please be patient.
  • One of the great advantages of working with us is our multicultural approach: As you know, we have 3 different offices around the world: Spain, Thailand, and Mexico City. We have placement coordinators in these 3 offices who are committed to doing their best to get you the best internship possible.
  • We also have team members from different nationalities. Sometimes, this causes a cultural shock to the candidates,- Please note that this is part of your experience: we are one step closer to letting you know in advance what you will be facing during your internship. Embrace the change.

AS CRIANÇAS MERECEM UM PLANETA MELHOR 300x296 How to deal with your internship process??

  • Visa process: be sure to follow all the steps mentioned by your support coordinator, they are the experts!! Also, let the embassies do their job – as much as we would love to have a say on the embassies’ processes, it is impossible. Sometimes candidates asked us how’s their visa process going or how long it would take, it depends on every case and it is up to the embassy. Sorry…
  • The flight ticket: please do not buy your flight ticket until you have your visa physically in your hand!! We are aware that the closer the departure date is, the flight will be more expensive, however, we can not rush the embassy to deliver your visa. One option to avoid visa-related delays is to enroll 6 months before your ideal starting date so you have enough time to do all your process.
  • During the internship: do your best!!! It will be a great experience if you are willing to learn from a new culture and work hard for your professional development.

Hope these tips are useful for you and have a great experience!!


AleSkype 296x300 How to deal with your internship process??

Alejandra Sanchez, Recruitment Coordinator in Worldwide Internships



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