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Doing an internship in a foreign country is not the same thing as doing it at home. Why? First, because you will be far from your family and friends but also because you will be immersed in a culture you are not accustomed to. For some of you, this can be an exciting challenge, while for others it is a truly scary prospect.
It is sure that doing an internship abroad involves a certain amount of culture shock. You won’t only need to adjust to the culture; you will also need to accustom yourself to the new business practices of your host country.  Indeed, as you may know, the manner in which employees work can vary a lot from a country to another.  Your internship abroad will show you how things are done in different cultures and allow you to learn from this, giving you a unique perspective and an extra plus when looking for work.


But an internship abroad is not only about work. You will also have the opportunity to enhance your language skills being immersed in an environment where they actually speak the language and where you are forced to speak it yourself. It is for sure, the most effective way of learning and some of you would be surprised by the rapidity of the progress than can make.


Moreover, living in a foreign country will allow you to enlarge your horizons and undergo a process of self-development that will leave you a better and more open-minded person. As a worker, you will see your host country through new eyes – those of a local.

On your days off, you will have the possibility of traveling and exploring the local culture. This will add a new layer to your internship and will make it even more enjoyable.

As a conclusion, if it can seem scary at first, you will quickly find that doing an internship abroad exceeds all your expectations and that it promises to be a memorable and enjoyable experience. Even more than that it offers you the chance to impress potential employers by proving your abilities to adapt to new environments and of rising above the challenges that leaving everything you know behind creates.


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