All-inclusive Internship Program in China.

Professional internship position.

Our All-inclusive Summer Internship Program will give you the chance to immerse into the world’s fastest growing economy with an internship of 1 or 2 months starting on June 5th.. The internship program takes place in two of China´s major cities: Beijing and Shanghai.

This program offers the opportunity to students who want to enhance their skills in areas such (and not limited to) as:

Starting an internship in a company in an unknown destination, can be tough sometimes; for this reason you will be assinged a company mentor who will  be training and guiding you from the beginning and will be in charge of your introduction to the company until you are able to work on your own. At the end of the internship you will be evaluated and given feedback from your company mentor. In this way, we secure you analyze your strengths and opportunity areas.

Past interns have secured positions at:

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