All-inclusive Internship Program in China.

Career development & on-site coordinator.

MG 8785 640x427 Career Development & On site internship coordinator.

To ensure that your expectations are met, we have a coordinator helping all interns to adapt into their new life in China and assisting them in any problem they have during the internship. At the same time, we have a company mentor who is normally the immediate superior of the intern in charge of evaluating the intern’s performance and skills development.

Internship coordinator:           

  • Full-time on-site support.
  • In charge of weekend activities.
  • Housing problems solving and keep maintainance.
  • Direct communication with your university.
  • Assistance 24/7 during your stay.


Company mentor:On site coordination internship 640x425 Career Development & On site internship coordinator.

  • Company introduction.
  • Career development.
  • Training and performance.
  • Evaluation and feedback.
  • Issue of internship certification.
  • Professional feedback.
  • Professional skills development.

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